100% of the Dream... For a fraction of the cost! ...O'Sullivan Partnerships

O'Sullivan Partnerships offer thoroughbred racehorse partnerships at an affordable price. Driven by a common love for horses and a passion for theindustry, we are aiming to partner with people who share the same dreams as we do — to become a part of a winning team and experience the heart pounding thrills and perks of being a racehorse owner, all at a fraction of the price.

John and Randy Funkhouser grew up around horses and the track, igniting a passion for horseracing at an early age. Because of our upbringing, we share the same love for horses and the horseracing industry that our investors do. By investing with O'Sullivan Partnerships, you will become an owner without having to deal with the worries and expenses of tending to your horse. Our professionals will manage your horse, and ensure it gets the proper care and training to become a successful racehorse.

We will keep you constantly updated about the progress of each horse as well as notifying you in advance of all upcoming races so that you, your family, and friends will have time to make plans to watch each race. Investors will alsoenjoy access to the racetrack and stable area, as well as have an opportunity to meet the trainers, jockeys and grooms who care for your horses. One thing is for certain; by Investing in O'Sullivan Partnerships, you will have the opportunity to experience thoroughbred racing in a new and vibrant way that will give you one hundred percent of the dream, for a fraction of the cost.
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