Accredited WV Bred Yearlings that are Virginia Certified
Pictures are available under links on horse's name
Name Sire Dam DOB Sex Price VA Cert. WV Bred WVBC
Unnamed Swiss Yodeler Tuxedo Annie 1/18/17 Filly 3,000 Yes Yes Yes
Lil Watty Data Link Silvertonguediva 2/23/17 Filly 5,000 Yes    
J Spice Swiss Yodeler Attach 3/21/17 Filly 2,500 Yes Yes  
Cook the Books Limehouse Funky CPA 4/11/17 Filly 4,500 Yes Yes  
Adorable Deplorable Hunt Crossing Rite of Passage 4/21/17 Filly 2,500 Yes Yes  
Buzz Swiss Yodeler Coral Cave 5/1/17 Colt 8,000 Yes Yes Yes
Ani Winehouse Limehouse Ani's Ani 5/10/17 Filly 10,000 Yes Yes Yes
Unnamed Limehouse Karate Kat 5/15/17 Filly 10,000 Yes Yes Yes

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