Pregnant Mares in foal to WV sires
Pictures are available under links on horse's name
Name Sire Dam YOB In foal Price
Introducing Deputy Minister Interim (GB) 2000 Golden Years 6,000
O Happy Gray Cee's Tizzy I can Yodele 2010 Golden Years 5,000
Alleglory Algorithms Cleft in the Rock 2015 Golden Years 3,500
Jungle Diamond Jump Start Jungle Queen 2015 Golden Years 5,000
One Kid Act Lemon Drop Kid One Act 2005 Limehouse 3,500
Pyrite Princess Spring at Last Sayhellowavegoodbye 2010 Golden Years 3,000
Crusader's Angel Endevouring Prima Facia 2007 Golden Years 2,000
Pink Gloss Songandaprayer Pink Lipstick 2006 Golden Years 1,500
Rite of Passage Prized Rite of Spring 2007 Golden Years 500

Young Mares by National and International Sires
Name Sire Dam YOB In foal Price
Littlemissgogo War Front Two Peace 2008 barren 7,500
Spin Again Hard Spun Imiloa 2013 barren 4,000
Julie B Mine Northern Afleet Julie B   2012 barren 3,000
Atlantic Rainbow Stormy Atlantic Rainbow's Classic 2011 barren 1,000

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